Broward County Sheriff’s Office Selects CNC for Mission Suites

Broward County Sheriff’s Office Selects CNC Technologies to Deploy Airborne Mission Suites for Agency’s New Airbus H125 Helicopters

Comprehensive Surveillance and Downlink Project Incorporates State-of-the-Art Imaging, Moving Map and Transmission Technologies to Enable Real-Time Streaming of HD Video and Data

LOS ANGELES (July 10, 2018) – CNC Technologies, an aviation technology and wireless communications company serving the law enforcement, military and government markets, announced today its selection by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BSO) to develop and support two airborne mission suites for the agency’s recently-acquired Airbus H125 helicopters.  CNC has lead all aspects of the assignment, with responsibility for design, training commissioning and ongoing support of the new systems. Metro Aviation provided completion services on both aircraft, which will be put into service in August 2018.

Custom developed to enable real-time streaming of HD video and data between air crews and BSO command staff, the new mission suites are built around Churchill Navigation’s state-of-the-art ARS700C augmented reality moving map system.  This will allow operators to seamlessly overlay location specific data on top of live HD video feeds, enhancing situational awareness.  Other key mission suite components include FLIR Star SAFIRE 380-HDc imagers, Spectrolab SX-16 enhanced searchlights and Troll microwave video downlink systems.  As part of the assignment, CNC is also building out both fixed and mobile receive sites that will provide uninterrupted connectivity across all of Broward County.

“CNC Technologies brings outstanding operational expertise developing sophisticated law enforcement solutions for the world’s most demanding operators and we are pleased to partner with them on this important assignment,” said BSO Major Oscar Llerena.  “The company will play a key role in supporting our public safety mission across Broward County.”

CNC Technologies can deploy any level of solution from implementing a real-time microwave downlink capability to building out a nationwide counterterrorism network encompassing aircraft, ground-based receive sites, imaging platforms and encrypted communications systems for sovereign state clients.  The CNC Technologies team also has extensive experience supporting Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) projects funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“The Broward Sheriff’s Office is one of the nation’s largest Sheriff’s offices with a broad and demanding mission profile and responsibility for the public safety of nearly two million citizens,” said Ron Magocsi, founding partner and chief technology officer at CNC Technologies.  “We look forward to working closely with the agency to assist their airborne law enforcement operations.”


About CNC Technologies

CNC Technologies is an aviation technology and wireless communications company serving the law enforcement, government and military markets. Providing custom aerial surveillance, data transmission and counterterrorism solutions, the CNC team brings decades of experience deploying local, national and global communications networks for the world’s most demanding operators. CNC works with clients around the globe, delivering customized mission suite solutions tailored to match each organization’s specific mission requirements and backed by unparalleled 24/7 service and support.  The company is online at